Important, yet pleasant, discussions are best had around a table, accompanied by good food and wine …

⌟ Purpose

Supporting corporate executives to better understand the financial, communications and regulatory environment of Greece and the EU.

⌟ Form

  • Meals, with a limited number of participants, under Chatham House Rules.
  • Structured discussions, with an informal agenda.
  • Invited: high-level representatives of the political world, SMEs and other important stakeholders.
  • Meeting place: Athens Club

⌟ Advisory Committee

CIRCLES are supported by a distinguished Advisory Committee, whose members have academic and professional standing in areas of direct relevance to the CIRCLES.

The members of the Advisory Committee are (in alphabetical order):

  • Ioannis Vasardanis – Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner I. Vassardanis & Partners, Deputy General Secretary of the Greek-French Chamber of Commerce.
  • Lampis Koutsolioutsos, Finance Business Partner Energy, Europe & MEA, India, Schneider
  • Athanasios Kotsis, President of Intrasoft International
  • Ioannis Metaxas, Honorary Professor of Universities, Member of the Académie Européenne Interdisciplinaire des Sciences
  • Antonis Papagiannidis, Lawyer and Journalist
  • Cristi Tzelepi, Executive Coach, Change Facilitator Treasure Lab.
  • Dimitris Tsingos, Founder of Starttech Ventures, Member of European Business Angels Network (EBAN)
  • Daniel Guéguen, President of PACT European Affairs (Brussels), Professor at the College of Europe
  • Simone Ceruti, Special Adviser, FIPRA, ex-EU VP Corporate Affairs DANONE, Owner Ceruti Consulting, Brussels
  • France Roque, Director of Communications & External Relations, Le Monde & Nouvel Observateur, Paris

The Advisory Committee members participate in the CIRCLES to offer their expertise, and propose new members for the CIRCLES.

The members of the Advisory Committee have the option to participate in the meetings and events of the CIRCLES.