The founder

I have been working for 24 years on both sides of the river: In business and in politics. In my youth, I worked both in sales and market research.

I served the Greek Parliament in a position of responsibility. This was during its most creative period. I was passionate, devoted and efficient. I took a life lesson and a great reserve of knowledge and experience. One cannot have a second such experience in his career...

A man does not seek his luck, luck seeks its man... By chance, I found myself working as a Corporate Affairs executive at Papastratos, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International. And then, I moved abroad: to Brussels, and then Paris. I was always an executive at PMI, in the beginning in charge with European Affairs (in Brussels) and then as head of Corporate Affairs and BOD member of one of PMI’s largest subsidiaries in the world (Paris).

Thus, 24 years later, a cycle ended and today, more mature and experienced than ever, I turn towards new open horizons, to consulting large companies and organisations, in Greece and abroad. I am deeply interested in Greece’s promotion as an attractive investment destination, in supporting the relations of foreign companies with key stakeholders in Greece, and in highlighting and capitalising the skills of Greeks who excel abroad.

For those interested in my studies, I studied Economics and Business Administration and was awarded a Master’s degree in Applied Marketing at Aix-en-Provence, France.

Finally, I am proud of founding two significant Networks of Greek executives working in the private sector in Brussels and Paris (ARGO – BRUSSELS HELLENIC NETWORK and ARGO – PARIS HELLENIC NETWORK).

Andreas Yannopoulos
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