Our Services

  • Consulting
    Public and government affairs consulting for foreign multinationals operating in Greece and large Greek companies.
    Regular meetings of senior executives and key stakeholders over a relaxed meal.
  • ARGO Awards
    The ARGO Awards are given annually to highlight the achievements of Greeks living abroad.
  • InvestGR Forum
    InvestGR provides a Forum for constructive dialogue on the investment climate in Greece between C-level executives of foreign companies operating in Greece and key representatives from the political, institutional and academic spheres.
    The only business, food & wine members club in Greece.


We Are Different

We believe that to get you must give. It is part of our DNA. Through our work we aim to give back – to our clients, to the community, and to Greece. We see business as being part of a greater whole, and for business to thrive, we must contribute to the greater good.

We Cover All Angles

We are public & government affairs practitioners. We know politics, its movers and its shakers. We know how the system works, at the political and bureaucratic level. We know firsthand what a business needs today in the field of public & government affairs. We don’t deal in theories. We like well-designed action plans, with the emphasis on action.

At Home and Abroad

Our experience abroad and in Greece has given us an international outlook. We know where the decisions are made, and we know which doors to knock on. Our network has no geographical boundaries. Whatever information is needed, we know where to find it.


Our Vision

Our Founder

Andreas Yannopoulos, the founder of Public Affairs and Networks, has worked both in business and in politics. Early in his career, he worked in sales and market research.

He held a position of responsibility in the Greek Parliament, during one of its more productive periods.

He worked as a Corporate Affairs executive for Papastratos, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International. He continued with Philip Morris International as European Affairs senior executive in Brussels, and then as Head of Corporate Affairs and Member of the Management Team of the French Philip Morris International affiliate, one of the largest worldwide.

He studied Economics and Business Administration and obtained a postgraduate diploma in Applied Marketing in France (Aix-en-Provence).

He was also the founder of two major networks of Greek executives in the private sector in Brussels and Paris: ARGO – Brussels Hellenic Network and ARGO – Paris Hellenic Network.

Andreas Yannopoulos